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Mobdro for iPhone: The Mobdro video streaming app has gained immense popularity in the online entertainment world and is often referred to as ‘online TV app’. The video streaming app allows the user to stream popular movies, music videos, documentaries, sports, and TV programs or even download them and watch them offline. What is both surprising and unique about this app is the fact that all this can be done absolutely free.a


Currently, Mobdro is officially available only for Android devices. Unfortunately, Mobdro for iPhone iPad is unavailable. The app works well and is compatible with PC, Windows phone, and Android devices. A new version of the app, Mobdro 2017 is widely available now. The older version has been replaced with the new one and several bugs have been fixed in the latest version of the app.

Mobdro for iPhone iPad or iOS Devices | Mobdro App Alternatives:

You can enjoy streaming videos with the Mobdro iPhone 2017 after its release, either on the free version or the paid version. The premium version comes loaded with some unique features like the download feature that allows the user to download the content and watch it later, offline; the ad-free experience; or the sleep timer feature where the user can set in a time when the app will be turned off automatically. One can also view all the videos, movies and other content on a big screen using the Google Chrome Cast.

Features of Mobdro for iPhone iPad:

The Mobdro app allows its users to enjoy a host of movies new and old, programs, and live TV shows, absolutely free of cost. Following are some of the unique features of Mobdro for iPhone iPad:

  1. The Mobdro for iPhone 5 supports around 200+ Live TV channels.
  2. One can watch movies, music videos, TV shows, documentaries, sports and games on the app, absolutely free of cost.
  3. The premium version of the app allows the users to download videos, movies, and programs and watch them at convenient hours, even without an internet connection.
  4. The Mobdro app for iPhone 6s plus is much smoother since it takes less time to buffer videos online.
  5. You can enjoy an ad-free experience with the premium version of Mobdro. You will not have to close the ads popping up on the screen every now and then.
  6. The Mobdro for iPhone app supports several kinds of video formats like MP4, MPEG, MOV, AVi and much more.
  7. The Mobdro app analyses the information of the video faster than any other app of a similar nature, on the net.
  8. You can enjoy the videos on a bigger screen with the help of Google Chrome Cast.
  9. The Mobdro premium for iPhone 6 has a sleep timer feature. With this, the application will turn off at a pre-set time.

Substitute Apps Like Mobdro for iPhone and iPad:

While Mobdro remains the leading online video streaming app that lets you stream videos from popular streaming sites like Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo or Metacafe, there are a few alternative apps that can be used in place of Mobdro for iPhone iPad. These are Cinema Box, Movie Box, Show Box, Hotstar, Play box, Vidmate, and Tubemate. Use any of these apps and enjoy Live TV channels.

  • Cinema Box: One of the best alternatives for Mobdro for iPhone and iPad, Cinema Box has been launched recently by the owners of Playbox HD. It has some real useful and entertaining features just like the Mobdro app.

  • MegaBox HD: Another online app that specializes in online video streaming and is a perfect substitute to apps like Mobdro. You can enjoy unlimited videos, movies, TV shows, and documentaries on the app.

  • Movie Box: Movie Box has been developed for ios devices and can be easily installed using Cydia installer. The iPhone and iPad users can get a free version of the app and enjoy streaming unlimited videos online, absolutely free of cost.

  • Showbox: Showbox can be downloaded for iPhone and is a great substitute for Mobdro. Enjoy unlimited entertainment now on your ios devices. You can get a list of the latest movies and shows on the app and choose to watch them. All this, absolutely free of cost.

I hope you enjoyed this article and got the idea on How to download and Install Mobdro for iPhone, iPad and iOS Devices. Enjoy the freedom of using mobdro for iPhone and mobdro alternatives makes all the app upgrades for free.

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